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    What’s New at Maternity Madam?

    New Brands of Maternity Clothing

    We are proud to announce we have added new top brands and lines of some of the most fashionable retailers of maternity clothing. Due to demand, we have also introduced a plus size maternity clothing section to accommodate our customers further! From maternity nightwear to maternity swimwear, we’ve got you covered! Stylish and trendy clothing delivered straight to your door? Shopping has never been easier thanks to our new online store!

    Maternity Fashion

    Our buyers have hand picked some of the most popular items. We’ve been following maternity fashion trends from Paris to New York and let us tell you that a LOT has changed in the last year! For the good, we may add… Being fashionable whilst pregnant has never been easier! Except those heels of course, but hopefully next year is the year of the comfortable heel? Everyone loves a dreamer!!

    Maternity & Nursery Items

    Also freshly added to our store has been a wide range of nursery cots, cribs, baby boy and baby girl bedding, and other small items such as electronics for your maternity and other items to keep you and the little one safe such as car seats and stair guards.

    Happy shopping!