Top 10 Pregnancy Cravings

You’re not alone! The majority of expecting mothers have cravings they can’t explain; from strawberry jello to Marmite. Although these are tame, they are the tip of the iceberg compared to other reported urges which are out there and some are extremely dangerous.

You can find a lot of different information behind what causes these cravings, and a few experts believe our bodies are giving us signals for certain nutrients we require. It could be for indulgence but there also may be hormonal and mental causes for urges. So let’s begin with our Top 10 Pregnancy Cravings list, coming in at No1 is…


Pregnancy Cravings - Chocolate  | Credit: <a href="">E.Hossinger</a>

1. Chocolates

This is pretty much number one on any list. There are a lot of nutrients involved in cocoa beans but it could be pregnancy is an excuse to indulge in the great rich taste of a bar of chocolate! Being pregnant is exhausting at times, you can feel lethargic and bloated and chocolates can cheer us up by releasing endorphins which gives us feel good hormones. Since alcohol is a no-go during your nine months, a great substitute is chocolate as a replacement escape.


Pregnancy Cravings - Ice Cream  | 2. Ice and Ice Cream

Ice cream is a relatively popular craving during pregnancy as well. As with chocolate the fat and carbohydrates release enough endorphins to cheer anyone up! Ice on its own is a more obscure craving but experts believe its the crunchy texture that entices mums-to-be in.


Pregnancy Cravings - Desserts  |

3. Sugary Desserts & Sweets

Sugar and carbohydrates contained in sweets and desserts give you a short term energy lift. Carrying additional weight combined with the emotional stress all add up to pregnancy being difficult work! There’s little to no nutritional value in these treats so although they can be nice in the short term and won’t cause you or your baby any significant harm – try to abstain from over indulging.


Pregnancy Cravings - Fruit Juices4. Fruit Juices and Fruit

A welcome craving to the diet during pregnancy to balance the processed sugary temptations! Your body could be telling you that it needs some vitamins and minerals contained within the fruit, some studies have suggested a lack of sodium in your diet could be the cause of these, but it remains unproven.


Pregnancy Cravings - Chips & Soda5. Potato Chips and Soda

Similar to the sugary desserts and sweets, there are a lot of carbohydrates in the chips and soda which give you a temporary energy boost. As with any normal diet, these should be balanced with fruit and vegetables otherwise your weight will creep up, and you’ll be left fighting fit at the gym to get your body back to how it was 9 months earlier!


Pregnancy Cravings - Spicy foods and Curries6. Spicy Foods and Curries

Generally curries are packed with carbohydrates and sugars which make it an ideal comfort food outwith your pregnancy.
5% of women surveyed indicated they had a craving for curries and spicy foods.



Pregnancy Cravings - Citrus and Lemons7. Citrus and Lemons

The powerful bitter taste of these are not something you’d usually go for but during pregnancy, certain vitamins in bitter foods are what your body craves at times. Moderate the intake of these as there is high levels of citric acid in there which doesn’t do any wonders for your teeth!

So we’ve covered the standard food cravings… Now on to the weird and wonderful obscure cravings. No one really knows what causes the urge to eat these objects but they continue to appear studies time and time again;


Pregnancy Cravings - Paper8. Paper

Chewing paper into wads and then swallowing it an addictive habit for a minority of expecting mothers. Reports of newspaper, toilet paper and cardboard have all graced focus groups from time to time. Easily digested by your body, but if you have these cravings; try to avoid newspapers as the ink on the pages could be harmful in large quantities.
One of our readers Jessica said “I used to find myself eating through a magazine while watching TV, without realizing it I’d chewed through over half of it, making it unreadable, and I’d only read the cover!”


Pregnancy Cravings - Household Items9. Household Items

Like to eat a bar of soap as a dessert? Then you’re not alone! Toothpaste, soaps and sponges are surprisingly uncommon pregnancy cravings. Large amounts of toothpaste ingested can be quite bad for you, and soap and sponges could become lodged internally and cause bowel obstructions.


Pregnancy Cravings - Stones and Dirt10. Stones and Dirt

Now this is getting a bit more into the dangerous cravings territory. Biting down on stones is, of course, extremely bad for your teeth. Apparently, the gritty texture after breaking the object is behind the craving. If you have these urges, please try breaking ice as an alternative or find a food with a gritty texture to alleviate the danger.



And the list goes on…

Almost every woman has a craving at some point in her pregnancy, and most are harmless but when they start to dip into the abnormal territory then please consult your doctor. They may have a prescription which is right for you to reduce the pregnancy cravings.
Try to have a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy products and protein.


The Top 10 Pregnancy Cravings

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