Top Ten Must Have Electronics For Pregnancy

Today, there are gadgets available in the market for everything. From satellite navigation, to ice fishing to toasters that charge iPhones. Why then should pregnant women be left behind?
There’s been a huge trend lately of new gadgets being launched that are aimed at women pregnant women & new mothers and going by the immense responses so far, it’s unlikely to die down any time soon.
If you are new to this and not sure about where to start browsing, we have compiled a list of top ten gadgets and electronics for pregnancy that come in handy before and after childbirth.

Top Ten Must Have Electronics For Your Pregnancy & Thereafter

1. Bellybuds Pregnancy Bellyphones & Ritmo Speakers


It has been proven via research that playing music is very good for the health of the baby that is growing inside of you. It has even been proven that exposing a growing baby to music makes them smarter, besides it is also a great way to bond with the unborn child. Bellybuds snap around your belly and connect to your phone or your iPod, thereby beaming music directly to the unborn child. Want to take it a step further and ensure that the baby gets to experience sound from more angles? Then Ritmo speakers are an ideal pairing with the BellyBuds, as the enclosing belt comes equipped with 4 speakers – full surround sound experience!

2. KickTrak


As the name might suggest KickTrak is an innovative device that tracks the baby’s kicking habits. As much joy as the kicking of a baby gives to a mother, why would someone ever want to keep track of it? For one, it helps the parents see if there has been an abnormal up or down shift in a baby’s kicking habits. Such pattern can often point to a health problem and the faster such a thing is addressed the better it is for the mother and the baby.

3. GE Vscan Ultrasound Scanner


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do an ultrasound yourself in the comfort of your own home? While this in no way is a substitute for professionally conducted ultrasound, it’s a little fun device that lets an excited expectant mother see her slowly forming baby. GE initially manufactured this device to be sent to Africa to make the job of health care professionals easy, however it is expected to be launched in the western consumer market as well.

4. Hi Bebe Sound Fetal Doppler


The Hi Bebe BT200 is a FDA approved hand held Doppler fetal heart rate monitor that allows you to get an accurate reading on your baby’s heart rate. A pregnant mother can start using this machine 10 to 12 months into the pregnancy and so far it has proven to be a much more accurate heart rate reader than the good old stethoscope. Once the device gets a read on the heart rate, the figure is displayed on the LCD screen and the heartbeat can even be heard on the loud speaker that has an adjustable volume. This means that you can even play the heartbeat for loved ones who are in other locations over Skype or over a phone call.

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5. Laks Baby Boom Pregnancy Watch


This is a product that all pregnant women should have. This plain looking watch does much more than you’d expect. While it does tell the time of the day and the day of the month, it also lets a pregnant mother keep track of which week of the pregnancy she is in. In case you are still looking for baby names, this watch also runs through a whole list of baby names that you can then shortlist. A great little gadget that can help a pregnant mother pass time while staying informed.


Editors Update: Unfortunately the Lak’s Baby Boom watch has been discontinued. There isn’t another product on the market at this time that does everything Lak’s watch did, but a Polar FT7 is a good replacement watch that comes with an effective heart rate monitor.

6. Angelsounds Baby Fetal Heart Monitor


This is something that any expectant mother can’t get enough of. As the name suggests, this device is a digital heart rate monitor, but it also goes one step ahead and records the baby’s heart beat. While it does strengthen the emotional bond that a mother has to her unborn child, it also lets the couple monitor and record any changes or abnormalities in the baby’s heartbeat.

The heartbeat can be heard on the headphones that come along or transferred to a computer via USB. Some users report that they’ve had success in recording their own heartbeat, then playing it back to their new born to soothe and calm them in the first few weeks after birth.

7. BabyPlus Prenatal Education System


In the first few prenatal months, the brain is at its most receptive stage of learning and it’s hearing is fully developed by the 18th week of pregnancy. Every mother knows that her child’s physical development begins during the crucial prenatal months. Taking prenatal vitamins to enrich a child’s nutritional environment is today’s supplemental standard during a child’s earliest stages, but tomorrows will include the BabyPlus Education System. Any mother who’s used this during her pregnancy will tell you all about it, and how it helps give the baby a kick-start to life. They are countless glowing reviews on how your child will hit the sit, crawl, walk and talk milestones way before the normal standards – an incredible investment for your child’s future for such a low price.

8. DuoFertility


This is something that is a must have for couples who are looking to conceive. DuoFertility is a device that takes more than 20,000 measurements of Basil body temperature and predicts the time period when a woman is ovulating. It is a 100% natural and non-invasive way to determine the best time to make a baby. In essence it takes out all the stress and hard work that is a part of conceiving a child and can be used by women with both regular and irregular cycles.

9. The First Years Talk & Soothe Digital Video Monitor

A product meant for new parents, the specialty of this digital video monitor is the range that it provides. You can take the portable LCD screen and move around your house without any hassles while keeping a close eye on the newborn baby. The device lets you zoom or pan the video and works to a range of up to 600 ft. It also comes with a cry activated automatic night vision and a low battery indicator.

10. An iPad

While it is in no way related to pregnancy, an iPad combined with Netflix will keep you entertained and distract you from the many pains and discomforts that come with pregnancy. Recently we’ve been testing some of the many pregnancy related apps in the AppStore and will get back to you a bit more in-depth of our top apps and their benefits!

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